Irish Sea Moss Gel


Irish Sea Moss Gel 400ml
  • Lowers blood pressure • Naturally boosts energy
  • Contains anti-cancer properties
  • Anti-inflammatory • Anti-viral Infections
  • Cough/ Sore throat • Supports healthy libido
  • Erectile dysfunction • Thyroid
  • Respiratory • Cognition • Blood circulation
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The human body is made up of 102 minerals and Irish Sea Moss Gel contains 92 of them. It also provides a wealth of other important nutrients including; protein, beta-carotene, pectin, and Sulphur.
The benefits of Irish Sea Moss Gel most commonly include: Fights iron deficiency, dissolving mucus, improving mental health, reducing effects of radiation, aids in weight loss. Its rich source of vegetable protein provides a full spectrum of beta-carotene chlorophyll, enzymes, and fibre. Because of its high iodine content, Sea Moss is helpful to the glandular system. Sea Moss can reduce ulcers and is very useful as a reducing aid by eliminating extra body fluids. It’s mucilaginous in nature, so it absorbs toxins from the bowels, provides bulk to the stool and soothes inflamed tissues.
Sea moss is also known to cure various skin diseases such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and sunburn. The moss can be applied topically or added to baths to moisturize and hydrate the skin. You can apply the gel directly to your skin for a mini face lift as it can help to hydrate dry skin, prevent varicose veins, rashes, and inflammation. Sea Moss Gel can also be used in food as a thickener for soups, sauces and dressings.
Sea Moss Benefits:
Lowers blood pressure/ Naturally boost energy/ Contains anti-cancer properties/ Anti-inflammatory/ Anti-viral Infections/ Cough/ Sore throat / Flu. Supports healthy libido/ erectile dysfunction. Thyroid/ Respiratory/ Cognition/ Blood circulation.


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