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A holistic approach where we encourage people to look at themselves as a whole person rather than just focusing on one specific part.

We adopt a supportive approach to finding natural solutions to life’s challenges and your mental health.

Mental Health South Africa - wellness within

Employee Wellness

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Psychologist Ballito - Wellness Within - Mental Health
Psychologist Ballito - Wellness Within

A natural approach to mental health

We help you find wellness from within using natural solutions. We like to view the client holistically without rushing into allopathic medications.

We also offer therapeutic sessions, online sessions, employee wellness programmes, holistic assessment etc

best Psychologist Ballito - wellness within

Psychologist Ballito - Wellness Within - Mental Health

Employee Wellness

Our passion lies with corporates. My aim is to help them develop balanced employee wellness programmes with a unique twist. Giving our programmes the edge over many others.

Psychologist Ballito - Employee Wellness - Wellness Within

Mental Health South Africa - wellness within

Psychologist Ballito - Wellness Within - Mental Health

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mental health challenge

If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, talking about it can be a beneficial tool for exploring your thoughts and emotions, and finding new ways to approach difficult situations.

Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or any other mental health challenge, therapy offers a safe and supportive space to work through your concerns with a trained professional.

WellnessWithin - Anxiety and Depression - Mental Health

Anxiety and Depression

Wellness Within - RelationShip Issues - WellnessWithin -Depression - Mental Health

Relationship Issues

Wellness Within - childhood Trauma and attachment Mental Health South Africa

Childhood Trauma and attachement

Wellness Within - Anger


Wellness Within - Trauma and PTSD

Trauma and PTSD

Wellness Within - parenting


Wellness Within - Youth


Wellness Within - lgbtq

LGBTQ and related issues

Wellness Within - grief - Mental health


Wellness Within - personal growth

Personal Growth

Wellness Within / Lifepsyche has been selected as one of our Most Popular Health and Fitness Service

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I was pleasantly surprised by her acceptance and understanding of cultural values
Simply Great working with Nikki
Just want to take the opportunity to say.. Niks..meeting you has really enriched my life in ways you will never realise. Thank you for being you..Your transparency, authenticity and generosity is beyond refreshing and am so looking forward to our journey ahead
Her sessions were so insightful, i felt so calm and in control after, Thanks Nikki

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